Nurse Doctor Liquid Syringe Injection Ballpoint Pen

Love these pens? Get 8 for the price of 4. Looks like a real syringe in 4 colors. We will send you 8 pens (random colors). Liquid filled, click-action, syringe shaped ballpoint pens
It is refillable! Just unscrew the bottom, pop in a re-fill and you are set. Makes great gifts for doctor's, nurse, dentist, office workers, Halloween, etc. Great for children who are afraid of shots :)

Grab 1,2, or ever 3 for friends and family. Makes a perfect, unique gift for anyone you love.


  • Shipping: 10 - 35 Days
  • Material: Plastic Cylinder
  • Length: 13cm Width: 2.0cm (1 inch =2.54cm)
  • Color: Green, Red, Yellow, Blue (Sent at Random)
  • Not A Real Syringe

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