Hexagonal Metal Fidget Spinner


What's Wrong With Other Fidget Spinner? Most fidget spinners are made from cheap plastics that crack and flake after a few months. They also have a problem with rust and corrosion on the inside of the spinner.

What Makes Our Spinner Superior? Our Spinners are made from high quality brass and stainless steel. Our DIY spinners can be taken apart completely, right down to the ball bearings. Made of high quality steel these fantastic spinners are quieter, smoother and spin faster and longer than those low quality plastic spinners being sold everywhere.

You be the judge. The six spinner arms can be changed to only 2, 3 or 6 combinations and they come in 4 fantastic colors. The green silicon ring on each arm even glows in the dark.

  • Expected Delivery: US: 12-25 days INTL: 10-35 days
  • Material: Stainless steel & Brass.
  • Approx Size: 6.2 cm *6.2 cm *1.2 cm


  • DIY: Detachable Arms
  • High Quality Steel, Waterproof, Rust Free
  • Longer, faster spins, smoother, quieter spins
  • Easy to carry, fits in your pocket (use the optional pouch to store it safe) 

    Great for  ADHD Sufferers, Helps Relieve Stress, bordem, for adults and kids alike.

    PLEASE NOTE: There may be color variations due to the display of images on mobile and desktop devices.

    Grab 1,2, or ever 3 for friends and family. Makes a perfect, unique gift for anyone you love.

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